What’s In Your Child’s Lunchbox?

What can you do to be sure that you are providing your child with interesting lunches that are good for him? More »

Kids Need Spring Break, Too!

Spring Break can be the needed interval for your child to rejuvenate and re-energize for the march to the final bell of the school year. More »

The Importance of the Arts in Education

Incorporating the arts into your child\'s education is an important part of setting them up for success. More »

Running Through December

So just how is it possible to find balance in our lives in December? More »


Three Easy Ways to Keep Your Child’s Brain Active This Summer

Unbelievably, even though we thought it would never get here- summer has arrived! Well, maybe not on the calendar yet, but for most people summer unofficially starts on Memorial Day Weekend and/or

Spring Fever vs. Spring Focus

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and fun outdoor activities are calling. Yep. It seems that spring is once again ready to distract us with her siren song. At one

The Spelling Bee Buzz

I’ve been thinking about spelling bees a lot lately, mainly because the Bozeman Schools Foundation, where I now work part time, will be hosting its annual Adult Team Spelling Bee next month.

Listening Well Can Have Big Benefits

Does your child know how to listen? I mean, really listen? To focus on the speaker and absorb not only the words which are spoken, but also the meaning of those words?

Does Your Child Write Thank You Notes?

Well, somehow we have arrived in January 2015 and are on the other side of all the holiday hoopla. If you are like most families, your child received a number of gifts

A Peppermint Candy Christmas

This blog post is inspired by a peppermint candy. Let me explain. For the past month since the weather has turned cold and snowy and the sidewalks have turned icy, I have

Kids and Holiday Stress

Can you feel it happening even as you read this? Yep, life is speeding up and racing towards the holidays. And as you begin your double-step pace through the month, don’t forget

Do You Have Family Traditions?

Earlier this fall my sisters and I attended an all-school reunion for our elementary school in our home town. At one point we were interviewed by some high school students who were

Quick, Easy and Cheap- The Words You Want to Hear When It Comes to Your Child’s Halloween Costume

Looked at the calendar lately? Yikes!  Bet that got your heart pumping. It’s more frightening than you could ever imagine when you realize it’s only a couple of days until Halloween!  But

Making the Most of Your Time with Your Kids

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s almost impossible for today’s busy young families to keep up with our world’s hectic pace. We live in a world where a