A Peppermint Candy Christmas

gingerbread house peppermintsThis blog post is inspired by a peppermint candy. Let me explain. For the past month since the weather has turned cold and snowy and the sidewalks have turned icy, I have been walking each morning at the local shopping mall. It’s warm and I find I can really work up some speed as opposed to mincing along hoping not to fall on the ice.

And there’s actually quite a community of walkers. In singles, pairs or groups people are getting out and getting moving. Friendly waves and smiles greet me as I walk down the length of the mall and loop back to do it again. It is a great way for me to start a winter morning.

Since starting my walking routine at the mall, I have been particularly taken by an older gentleman walker who faithfully makes the rounds each morning. His bright eyes take in all his fellow walkers as he greets each one by looking them in the eye, smiling and giving them a peppermint candy. With a wish for a good day he takes his leave to find the next walker coming his way.

It’s amazing how doing something so simple means so much to people. Thank you’s ring out as he moves along his walking route. He is humble and quiet and just goes about his business of brightening people’s day. It is very touching to watch and experience.

This morning as I watched him I realized that he truly embodies the spirit of the season. His reaching out to others with the simple gift of a peppermint candy and having no expectations in return is about as basic as it gets. Give for the joy of giving and experience the joy it gives to others. Period.

It’s a lesson each of us can take a page from and it’s a lesson we can all teach our children. Because at the end of the day it feels good to know we’ve made the day a little brighter for someone else. So here’s to a Peppermint Candy Christmas for all of us- let’s each do our small bit and spread the joy.

In closing, I wish each and every one of you a very happy holiday season. Blessings on you and your family!


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