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Does Your Child Write Thank You Notes?

Well, somehow we have arrived in January 2015 and are on the other side of all the holiday hoopla. If you are like most families, your child received a number of gifts

A Peppermint Candy Christmas

This blog post is inspired by a peppermint candy. Let me explain. For the past month since the weather has turned cold and snowy and the sidewalks have turned icy, I have

Do You Have Family Traditions?

Earlier this fall my sisters and I attended an all-school reunion for our elementary school in our home town. At one point we were interviewed by some high school students who were

Quick, Easy and Cheap- The Words You Want to Hear When It Comes to Your Child’s Halloween Costume

Looked at the calendar lately? Yikes!  Bet that got your heart pumping. It’s more frightening than you could ever imagine when you realize it’s only a couple of days until Halloween!  But

New Year’s Resolutions – A Family Affair

Well, here we are, poised to turn another calendar page and launch ourselves into a new year.  I don’t know about you, but it feels like I just performed this acrobatic feat