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How Parents Can Help Ensure a Good School Year for Their Child

It’s a rare parent who wouldn’t want to help their child have a great school year. However, sometimes it’s difficult to know just how to help. It can be a fine line

A New School Year Means It’s Time for Family Organization!

Want to know the best way to survive the upcoming school year? Here’s the secret in a nutshell: Organize your family. It’s hard to estimate the amount of wasted time and wasted

Crafting a School Year Routine for Your Family

Who doesn’t love the lazy days of summer? The time when we are finally able to drop into a slower paced existence calls to all of us and is something we often

School Supply Resources for Families

Well, it’s that time of year again. The flyers, newspapers and TV commercials are abundantly sprinkled with the words, “Back to School Sale!” First off, I want to know how we managed

Teaching Kids Empathy

Have you noticed that there’s no shortage of information out there on bullying and its terrible effects on both the one who is doing the bullying and the victim on the receiving

Let Them Play!

Did you know that in 1959 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child? And did you also know that one of the rights

Make a Connection with Your Child’s Teacher

Last week marked the end of the school year for public schools in Bozeman. I made a point of attending the closing assembly for employees of the school district and was once

How Parents Can Make a Difference at School

My years as a school secretary taught me many things. For instance, I learned that when I had a child in the office feeling sick or hurt, having a sibling pop in

Why Play Time is So Important for Your Child

Here’s a question for you. What’s a good way for your child to de-stress, improve his health, build confidence and make friends? Give up? The answer is simple. He just needs to

Make it a Goal to Get Your Kids out in Nature

Is your kid morphing into a couch potato? And do you find yourself perplexed at how to encourage her to be more active? You notice that sometimes she seems tired and sluggish