Fall Into Fall

Lamar Valley, Yellowstone ParkIt’s hard to believe that it is officially fall! Where did summer go? If your family is like most busy families, summer disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Thinking about how quickly time slips by, it brings to mind the advice I gave many young families while I was a school secretary. That advice is to stay in the moment as much as possible. Be present with your children and you’ll build unbeatable memories that will last long after the calendar page turns.

Fall can provide many “in-the-moment” activities for families and I’d like to give you a few suggestions that might work for yours.

  1. Gather the troops for a nature walk this weekend. The crisp fall air and brilliant fall colors will provide the perfect backdrop for some quality family bonding time.
  2. Pick the apples in the backyard and have them pressed into cider or make some apple pies with the kids. Be sure to reserve a few to try bobbing for apples for a little extra family fun.
  3. Build a cozy fire in the backyard fire pit and snuggle up with your loved ones to watch the stars come out.
  4. Take a walk around the neighborhood collecting colorful fall leaves. Once home pull out the iron and seal them between two sheets of wax paper.  I found some good directions on how to do this on About.com.
  5. Get lost in a corn maze or hay maze in your area. Divide your family into teams to see who can find their way out the quickest. Or tackle the maze all together and celebrate with hot cider when you find your way out.

As you start thinking about fall activities for your family you will likely come up with a great list of your own. If you are still having a little trouble coming up with ideas, there’s a super list of 50 fall family activities on The Kids Activity Blog.

Whether you use any of the suggestions listed here or come up with some of your own,  I predict that if you dig in with enthusiasm you’ll fall into fall like you’ve never fallen before!

Enjoy the season!


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