Ghosties and Ghoulies and Goblins, Oh My!

Is it late October already? Yikes! Who turned the page on the calendar while I wasn’t looking??

In thinking about what I might write about today, I decided that with Halloween only a few days away, it would be fun to relay some thoughts of past Halloweens spent with over 300 kids in costume.

In my previous life as a school secretary, I worked at Hawthorne School, a Model School for the Arts, in Bozeman, MT. Hawthorne School is located just a block from Main Street in this beautiful college town of 38,000 (Montana State University- Go Cats!).

It has long been a tradition of the classrooms at Hawthorne to have Halloween parties for those kids and families who wish to participate. Kids and staff (including me) get into costume after lunch on the designated party day.

I’ve never really been comfortable wearing a costume but it’s amazing what a person will do for the kids! Over the years I’ve been Little Bo Peep, a baby girl, a railroad engineer, Mother Goose, a prairie lady, a celery stalk(er), a…. well you get the idea.

As you can imagine, the energy in the school is palpable on those afternoons. Adding to the excitement is an all-school costume parade down the sidewalks of Main Street. In my early years, feeling quite uncomfortable in my costume, I’d gamely plaster a smile on my face and any casual observer would think I was having the time of my life.

A ploy I developed in those early years was to assign myself as a helper to one of the younger classes. Then, by holding the hand of a darling little princess or scarecrow, I thus deferred attention from myself. Who would even look at a 5’7” celery stalk(er) when there were those sweet miniature princesses and scarecrows to look at?

But guess what? Before long I was looking forward to the parades down Main Street! The unbridled enthusiasm of those little people was contagious. Kids have such an honest way of displaying emotions and it’s hard to resist that honesty.

It’s a good lesson for us adults to remember- lose that self-consciousness we’ve developed as adults and just enjoy the moment. Now there’s a nugget of wisdom!

This blog entry won’t be complete without me including some links to quick, easy and low cost costumes you can make for your kiddos.  Hope you enjoy the spirit of the season (ha ha- good play on words!) and have fun with these links.  See you again soon.


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Mr. Rattles:



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