How Parents Can Help Ensure a Good School Year for Their Child

boy in school deskIt’s a rare parent who wouldn’t want to help their child have a great school year. However, sometimes it’s difficult to know just how to help. It can be a fine line between doing too much, doing too little and doing it just right.

In previous blog posts I’ve touched upon the importance of good communication between home and school. Developing a solid working relationship with your child’s teacher is in your child’s best interest. I’ve always felt that as parents we are our children’s best advocates. Don’t be afraid to point out the fact that your child needs a bit more help understanding a new concept or that her bathroom breaks need to be more frequent than most children.

Helping the teacher understand your child’s needs is okay and the right thing to do. On the other hand, becoming a nuisance by constantly making special requests for your child is not the right thing to do. For one thing, the teacher has an entire classroom of children to guide through the school year- each with their own special needs. In addition, learning to cope and adjust to some of life’s ups and downs is an important skill for your child to master. It’s best not to make a pest of yourself by trying to pave the way too smoothly for your child.

Another way to ensure a good school year is to make sure your child is well-rested. Busy families cope with trying to fit everything in and still maintain an even keel on the home front. One thing that often happens is that the kids end up getting to bed late more than just occasionally. Sleep deprivation is a sure-fire way to make for sluggish, crabby children- and parents.

One of the best things you can do to help with this problem is instill a solid schedule for your family. Having a schedule will help anchor you and the kids in a world that is rushing along and trying to pull you into its vortex.  For a great article on family schedules and routines that help ensure your child is getting a good night’s sleep check out this article on Stress Free Kids.

Here’s another thought on helping your child have a good school year. Have you ever come in late to a meeting and then struggled to get up to speed, sometimes missing key information that you will need later? Well, that’s what it is like every time your child arrives late for school.

As difficult as it may be, it’s in your child’s best interest to arrive on time for school each morning. A while back I wrote a blog post sharing my ideas on school tardiness. You can read the post on my website, The take away from the post? It’s important that you do everything in your power to get your child to school on time each day. This really will help your child feel confident which in turn will translate into one of the building blocks of a good school year.

I can’t really finish this blog post without mentioning how important friends are to your child having a good school year. As humans, we are for the most part, social beings. This obviously applies to kids, too.

You might have a child who is very shy and introverted or one who is gregarious and outgoing. However, no matter your child’s personality, having the support of friendships at school will go a long way towards ensuring that the school year will go well. WebMD has created a list of seven ways you can help your child make friends and keep friends. I hope you’ll check it out.

In closing this week I wish you and your children a fabulous school year filled with good friends, a solid family schedule and lots of rest for all of you!


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