Spring Fever vs. Spring Focus

boy playing in waterThe sun is shining, the birds are singing and fun outdoor activities are calling. Yep. It seems that spring is once again ready to distract us with her siren song.

At one time or other we are all hit with Spring Fever and even our children aren’t immune. Unfortunately for students, just when spring starts to beckon and pull, many schools are preparing for testing. Teachers work hard to make sure their charges are where they need to be academically as the end of the school year looms on the horizon.

In addition, numerous classroom projects need to be completed and homework continues to be a daily occurrence. Also, in many instances, sport activities compete for your child’s time and attention.

Helping your child maintain his focus each spring can be a real challenge. After all, your entire family has put in a long year, everyone is tired of the school routine and you all are ready for something new and fresh. So how can you inspire your kids to hang in there for just a little while longer until summer has arrived?

One thing that is important is consistency. It’s vital that your child knows that rules are still in effect and consequences are still enforced. Children feel more secure when there’s a solid routine in place. It’s a fact that children are better able to maintain focus when they feel a sense of security.

Also, bedtime can present its own set of issues. With daylight savings time, sports practice, neighborhood gatherings, etc., it’s easy for bedtime to scoot later and later for your child.

It may take some creativity to come up with a solution that allows your child to participate in evening activities and still get enough sleep. Try streamlining your child’s evening and morning routines and see if you can buy them a few extra minutes in their day to accommodate some of the fun things spring has to offer.

When you think about it, we all long to be outdoors more when spring rolls around. Instead of calling your child inside for dinner, plan a backyard picnic to take advantage of the season. Even breakfast can be enjoyed on the front porch or in the backyard. Get your child outside as often as possible and it may help temper that longing during the school day.

Speaking of being outside, don’t forget to use the great outdoors to help burn off your kids’ excess energy. Try walking to school if that is a possibility. Or plan a rousing game of kickball before dinner.

Enjoy the school playground or neighborhood park, spend some time flying a kite on the weekend, climb a mountain, blow bubbles, draw with sidewalk chalk. In other words, help your child get active outdoors. It should help make the school day, spent mostly indoors, more tolerable.

Spring Fever can bring on waves of procrastination. Some people, children included, will find every excuse in the books to avoid finishing up a project, getting homework done, etc. If your child struggles like this, it might be helpful to provide him with a little check list.

Try breaking tasks down into small segments that can be checked off as each one is done. As the check marks accumulate your child will have a sense of accomplishment and well-being. In turn, these feelings will contribute to your child’s ability to successfully get through the school day.

Well, these are just a few ideas for helping your child find balance in dealing with the effects of Spring Fever. Hopefully, with these tips and a few of your own you will be able to help your child maintain her focus to finish the school year strong and with a smile on her face.

In closing I’d like to leave you all with best wishes for a happy, productive spring!


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