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Three Easy Ways to Keep Your Child’s Brain Active This Summer

Unbelievably, even though we thought it would never get here- summer has arrived! Well, maybe not on the calendar yet, but for most people summer unofficially starts on Memorial Day Weekend and/or

Spring Fever vs. Spring Focus

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and fun outdoor activities are calling. Yep. It seems that spring is once again ready to distract us with her siren song. At one

Crafting a School Year Routine for Your Family

Who doesn’t love the lazy days of summer? The time when we are finally able to drop into a slower paced existence calls to all of us and is something we often

Make a Connection with Your Child’s Teacher

Last week marked the end of the school year for public schools in Bozeman. I made a point of attending the closing assembly for employees of the school district and was once

How Parents Can Make a Difference at School

My years as a school secretary taught me many things. For instance, I learned that when I had a child in the office feeling sick or hurt, having a sibling pop in

The Nitty Gritty on the Importance of Good Schools

The other day I came across a quote by Victor Hugo. “He who opens a school door, closes a prison”.  Wow! How powerful is that? I started thinking about the quote and

The Cold Weather Blues

This year’s series of winter storms has packed a punch from one end of the country to the other. The record snowfalls, ice storms, frigid wind chills and blizzards have all left

Do School Fundraisers Hold You Hostage?

Just last week three neighbor kids came over to see if I would like to sponsor them in the fall walk-a-thon at school. I quickly agreed, feeling that this was a great

Resiliency in Kids

Today I was out mowing my yard when the subject for this post walked right up to me. I looked up and saw a former Hawthorne student approaching me with a big

The Tardy Bell Blues

“Hurry UP! You are going to be late!” “We need to leave right NOW!” “Here, eat this in the car on our way!” Whoa, just writing those few sentences ratcheted up my