Hello! My name is Cathie Norton, a.k.a. Miss Cathie, a former elementary school secretary. Welcome to my blog site!

This is my first post but definitely not my last! I plan to start sharing some of my knowledge, insight, and just plain fun things that I’ve gleaned from working in an elementary school office for so many years.

Please understand, I’m no expert in kids, families or school environments. But I do consider myself a good observer and a caring individual, so over the years I’ve definitely racked up some serious experience.

One thing I’ve learned after working for nearly three decades in an elementary school is that kids are our greatest asset and our greatest resource. They are also one of the greatest sources of humor in the world!

With my own kids, as well as with the many hundreds (maybe thousands!) of kids I came to know during my years working in a school, I always told myself I should be writing down the cute things they said and did because at some point it would make a great book.

Unfortunately, I didn’t heed my own advice and now I need to rely on my memory to recall those precious stories. So, a word to the wise parent- do take a moment to write (or even scribble) down that cute comment your 3 year old just made or that nugget of wisdom about friendship your 8 year old just revealed. You’ll be happy that you made the effort.

Got to run but I’m excited to blog again soon. I hope that you will visit here often and become a good sounding board as I delve into my past life as a school secretary. Until then, my best advice I can give you is to be present in the moment and enjoy your time with your precious children. Happy parenting!


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